SPF, which is short for Sender Policy Framework, is an e-mail safety system, which is used to validate if an email message was sent by a certified server. Employing SPF protection for a domain name will prevent the counterfeiting of emails created with the domain. In layman's terms: enabling this function for a domain name creates a particular record in the Domain Name System (DNS) which includes the IP addresses of the servers that are permitted to send emails from mail boxes under the domain. Once this record propagates globally, it will exist on all of the DNS servers that direct the Internet traffic. Any time an e-mail message is sent, the initial DNS server it uses checks whether it comes from an authorized server. In the event it does, it's sent to the destination address, but when it does not come from a server listed in the SPF record for the particular domain, it's rejected. In this way nobody will be able to mask an e-mail address then make it appear as if you're sending spam messages. This technique is also known as email spoofing.

SPF Protection in Shared Website Hosting

The SPF protection option is accessible by default with every single shared website hosting package that we offer and you are able to use it with ease so as to secure the email addresses for each domain hosted in your account. The service is controlled from the Emails section of the hi-tech, and intuitive Hepsia Control Panel. All you need to enable the protection is to type the IP address of the mail server as well as its hostname - mail.server.com, for instance. The moment the protection is active, only this server will be able to send e-mail messages from e-mails generated under the domain that you have picked. Your e-mail addresses may be handled by some other provider, but when we take care of them along with your site, you can also activate the option for your e-mail messages to be sent only if the domain features our MX records. This option gives you greater security as exclusively our server will be approved to send out e-mail messages from your mailboxes and you will have superior control. If you have any kind of questions or in case you have any sort of problems with this particular service, you can contact our technical support crew at any time and they'll assist you immediately.