The disk space function shows the total capacity of info that you'll be able to have on a shared website hosting server at any time. With a home PC, for example, this is the capacity of one hard disk or the full volume of all hard disk drives in case that your PC has more than 1. Exactly as the space on a PC is shared between installed computer software, documents, your music etc, the server hdd space is typically divided between website files, databases and emails. Every single file, folder and email will take some space on your server, and that means you should consider a bunch of factors, not only the size of the files that you will upload. For example, having big e-mail attachments or having a script-driven site in which the user-generated content material is stored in a database may also affect the hdd space you're using.

Disk Space in Shared Website Hosting

In order to suit the processing performance behind all our cloud website hosting plans, we've considered and employed the very best system related to disk space - your account is not made using one server, but using a cluster platform. Therefore, what we have built is an entire collection of servers that is centered on the file storage only, consequently you should never concern yourself with running out of hard drive space and having to switch to an alternative server because your present one cannot accommodate more content. When more space is needed, we simply attach extra machines to the cluster, so the hard disk space is practically inexhaustible. Of course, our Linux shared website hosting packages were made to be employed for web sites, not for a database of large files. We have separate machines for all the databases as well as the e-mail messages.

Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting

Choosing Linux dedicated servers hosting packages you will get all of the storage space that you will need for your websites, databases, email messages and applications. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage will be at your disposal and not shared with others, thus you will be able to upload any information you'd like - site files, personal or company archive backup copies, and so on. You'll get no less than 2 separate hard disk drives that function well in RAID, so that one drive will mirror the other in real time to ensure that your important information is always protected. If you prefer, you will be able to use the hard disks independent of each other and utilize the entire storage space the way you see fit. When needed, you can also get extra hard drives added to the server and have even additional disk space. You will have the option to create hosting accounts with pre-defined hard disk space allocations if you order your server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel. Picking Hepsia, which is your third Control Panel option on the order page, all of the domain names hosted on your server will share the HDD storage and they'll be managed through a single account. In each case, our dedicated plans will meet all your demands regardless of the kind of web site you would like to host.