If you use a mailing list to reach some or all of the visitors/users on your website on a regular basis, its subscribers are often called mailing list members. They need to register and to give their explicit consent to get automatic email messages. You can include mailing list members manually as well, if the software application that you make use of to manage the list allows this. According to the commonly accepted policies, a mailing list member should be able to unsubscribe whenever they like. You, as the mailing list moderator, can also delete mailing list members in case they should not receive email messages for any reason. The emails that each member gets will have just one single address in the "To" section, not the addresses of all the members.

Mailing List Members in Shared Website Hosting

In case you have a Linux shared website hosting package on our advanced cloud web hosting platform, you’ll be able to configure Internet mailing lists and to administer their members effortlessly. We make use of a powerful application called Majordomo, which comes with heaps of options and it is not a surprise that it is one of the most widely used mailing list apps out there. Including or deleting a subscriber is exceptionally easy – you’ll simply need to send an email with a given word in the message body to majordomo@your-domain-name.com, which suggests that you do not even have to sign in to the Hepsia Control Panel. In the same way, you can also view all existing subscribers for any mailing list that you configure. Should you come across any difficulties, you can read the instructional articles that we’ve added in the Email Manager section of the hosting Control Panel or you can touch base with our customer support team, which is available to you 24-7-365.